Monday, 14 June 2010

Appointment Set

Hallelujah! I received a phone call on my mobile during college today from the Linden Centre (local psych place) and a date is set for my appointment. I can't remember the date it was this month but at least I know it's this month and it's a Tuesday lol deary me...

I'm pleasantly surprised with how quickly I got a response back from them as I was expecting at least a month until I heard anything. I have no idea what to expect other than the same sort of questions as I had from my doctor; I'm not even sure if the person I will be speaking to is an ADHD specialist but I'm assuming they'll know much more about it. I still need to tell my mum that I've even gone to the doctor, just trying to find the right way or time to say, it's not as if she'll mind that I have gone to the doctors but more the fact that I didn't actually tell her.

Just a random thought that has popped into my head. How can a child who is diagnosed with ADHD/ADD 'grow out of it' and no longer have the disorder as an adult? If this condition is a neurological problem and is definitely a problem in the brain then how can it go away in some but stay in others? Maybe it just means that the children that 'grow out of it' never actually had the disorder in the first place but were just being slightly hyper like kids on sugar tend to be? I don't know... just makes me a bit confused sometimes.

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  1. Congratulations on the appointment! I hope everything goes well and the person you meet is knowledgeable.

    As for growing out -- that's an old idea which is increasingly discredited, that kids "grow out" of ADHD. Current research shows that most don't and those that do still have a lot of problems, but have learned to compensate and their brain development has caught up with NT people enough that they don't meeet the diagnostic criteria. They still don't really have it easy and are still atypical neruologically.