Monday, 28 June 2010

The ADD short is up!

Ta-dahhh. I present to you my little short about ADD Inattentive.

I decided to make this movie so that I could publish it to sites such as YouTube and Forums to raise awareness of ADD-I in a less comedic way but so that it was still light- hearted. Instead of being very literal with the symptoms of this disorder I tried to represent them in a metaphorical way.

I kept the symptoms quite obvious at the beginning with the pen fiddling and feet tapping as this is the shot of the boy in the ʻreal worldʼ and when he starts to daydream, you are seeing how his brain works. It is an inconsistent clip to show that the brain of a person with ADD-I is very cluttered sometimes and yet it can also be blurred and zoned out at other times. The wall represents the concentration barrier which ʻnormalʼ people would be able to climb up to to the top of because they have the mental ability to do so but this character cannot and becomes angry and stressed out due to his ADD. The field is supposed to resemble him zoning out and losing himself in his own ʻADD worldʼ which is where he goes running to after he becomes to worked up about the wall.

There are also little additions to the film that I have added which I wonʼt be mentioning but if you pick up on them as symbolising ADD symptoms then let me know what you have discovered. If you would like to comment on this video, I would really appreciate it if you left me the comment on the YouTube page as it is easier to look at (kind of)


  1. This is beautiful, Jessie. My 10yo daughter has ADD, and I will show this to her so we can talk about what we think we see in the film. I like when he throws the pebbles in the water. To me, it symbolizes the way a person with ADD seems to really live in the moment and does things just because inspiration strikes. "Inspiration," after all, literally refers to taking in air, or "spirit." It is a filling up. An act of growing, of changing. Sometimes, acting on inspiration (or impulse) is a problem, but thank goodness for those people who live in the moment this way, because sometimes, this approach to life brings us to beauty, art, innovation, solution, joy... in short, all the things that make life worth living. Who would want to live on a planet where no one knew how cool it feels to toss a pebble in the water and watch the ripples?

  2. thankyou for your insight tracy, there has been a really interesting response to my video from all types of ADDers, each with their own interpretation of the film. Please let me know what your daughter thinks of the film when you have shown her =]

  3. Jessie, your film! It was incredible! My 7 year old son has ADD as do I. This was such a beautiful depiction. Thank you for sharing.


    (found it via youtube)