Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Apologies - But good news!

I have got to apologise for the supreme lack of posting on my part. So much has happened in the past five months that I have had no time (or any internet) to keep you up to date on my whereabouts.

Since my last post I have:
- Been diagnosed with ADD Inattentive
- Moved from home into my own flat with my partner
- Got an extremely fun job
- Almost enough money to be comfortable
- Smiled more times than I have in years
- Also had a mild fit in a nightclub and there is a possibility I could also be epileptic. (Haha, deary me.)

(...and breathe) See? There has been lots and lots happening. Obviously the diagnosis is the most important one to tell you guys about because that is exactly what this blog is about. After about three sessions with my psychiatrist, he put me on a small prescription for Concerta (18mg), a nice and small dosage that has helped me feel more aware of my surroundings and actually listen to what my boyfriend, family, colleagues, boss (etc) have to say. I'm not sure whether they will consider putting me on a higher dosage or a different medication altogether due to the side effects which I haven't yet talked about with my psych as I've been too wrapped up in work, christmas and moving.

Anywayyy, I hope that has filled in the gaps of mystery and wonder for now. =] If you fancy knowing anymore about what I've mentioned then don't be scared to ask. It's not like I can hurt you over the internet anyway. >=]

(Just kidding)

Thanks for reading, Jessie

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